Book Spotlight – Reckless Traveler – Walter Rhein

In a country of immigrants…

Library of Erana

Reckless Traveler – By Walter Rhein #Travel #adventure #memoir #Perseidpress

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Reckless Traveler:

‘Reckless Traveler’ is part travel writing, part humor, part tour guide and part memoir. It began as a collection of anecdotes about expat life that the author used to tell whenever he returned home from his travels, and grew into a narrative of personal growth. Every now and then it’s valuable for a person to hit the pause button on their life and assess their choices and progress up until that point, especially if they’ve been making some radical decisions. To sell everything you own and move to Lima, Peru certainly qualifies as a radical decision. ‘Reckless Traveler’ is a novel for anyone who finds themselves disenchanted with following the status quo. If you are a young person, or you’re young at heart, and…

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