Welcome to . . . Author Chris Rose!

Look for a book that will take you into another’s skin. Try the work of Chris Rose, whose books remind us that literacy can be fun.

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Welcome to Author Chris Rose!

Chris Rose is the author of 22 daydreams (or Wood, Talc and Mr. J, my social media ramblings thereof…) – Wood, Talc and Mr. J: We never had it so good… – Nancy Boy: for one year only…

Chris, in a nutshell, tell us the juicy stuff about yourself and your journey through life.

Well, I originate from Sheffield, England, left school at 16, clueless, as all 16 year olds should – it’s so young – where I worked my way up to… NOTHING.

Not until my late 20s did I decide to do something about it.

I developed an avid interest in languages, eventually managed to read for an BA Hons in French and Spanish, moved down south, taught English for a couple of years, in sunny Hastings (good ol’ 1066 country), and then moved onto France for a number…

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One comment on “Welcome to . . . Author Chris Rose!

  1. chrisrose2005 says:

    Thanks again, you’re an angel ❤


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