Excerpt from High Couch of Silistra

In every woman lurks a witch, in every man a tyrant” – Janet Morris, Poets in Hell

In these days of struggle worldwide and particularly among Americans, as a woman first runs for president of our great nation and is opposed by men proud of their basest natures, Perseid Press proudly presents the classic allegorical novel, High Couch of Silistra by Janet Morris.

For many years, Janet Morris has written about conflict between and among the sexes which cannot be solved by political means because sexuality is intrinsic to our nature.

Janet’s first book, High Couch of Silistra,  which caused a firestorm of controversy when first published, has recently been republished in an Author’s Cut editions by Perseid Press.  This first book and the three others in the Silsitra Quartet are not for the faint of heart.  They deal with the deepest needs of men and women to own and dominate one another.  They are mythic, allegorical, and at times painfully truthful.  The characters are flawed, honest, and intensely human. Silistrans live on a planet galaxies away, where the need to reproduce has remade a society in disturbing and surprising ways. Silistra explores the darkest desires which underlie our pretensions to civilization, and takes us where men are patently aggressive and women passionately territorial.

These books are not for people under sixteen, or those who deny their inherently  passionate nature.

The Author's Cut of High Couch of Silsitra, available in hardcover, trade paper, and digital format from Perseid Press

High Couch of Silistra, first volume of the Silistra Quartet by Janet Morris, published by Perseid Press

Here is a short excerpt from High Couch of Silistra:




Perhaps you have seen no web-cloth, no gol, never been ill, and are not interested in sex. If so you may never have heard of Silistra. Silistra was the catalyst to the sexual revo­lution in the year twenty-two thousand seven hundred and four Bipedal Federate Standard Time.

I was high-couch in the greatest house of pleasure in the civilized stars. I commanded a great price. Any being who was capable of desiring me, I could fulfill.

This is my story.


High Couch of Silsitra is available in hardcover, deluxe trade paper, and electronic editions from:








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