Author interview! Deborah Koren, a ‘Doctors in Hell’ author, is revealing some of her writing secrets!

Deborah Krone, a rare interview with the creator of Bat Masterson in the Heroes in Hell series…


DiH-KorenDeborah Koren writes from her Southern California home. She has had short stories published in multiple anthologies. She loves her animals, opera, and movies.

Latest story: The Right Man for the Job,” appearing in Doctors in Hell. The synopsis for it is: The only thing worse than having Wyatt Earp gunning for you, is having Wyatt Earp and plague victims after you. Bat Masterson joins forces with Dr. Henry Porter, only surviving surgeon from the Little Big Horn to stay alive.

Deborah, when did you first consider yourself a writer?

A writer is a person who writes, so I considered myself a writer the first time I wrote my first complete fictional story on my own, not for class, and it was read by peers and friends. I was in sixth grade, and I never looked back. An author is someone who is paid for their work, and I didn’t…

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