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Audio Book Review: The Sacred Band by Janet Morris. A dark fantasy that will put you on the edge of your seat.

sacred audioWhen you listen to this book, you’d better hope you aren’t driving, or trying to lull yourself to sleep as so many of us do with audio books. This book will wake you up, and drag you into it, making concentration on anything but the mood and vision it evokes difficult at best. I like to think that audio books are a great way to experience your favorite books again (for the very first time, as they say). This book, read by Chris Morris, was just that—an all new, immersive experience that brought exciting, frightening life to a book that I loved when I read it the first time. It was the same, excellent book, only different.

I’ve listened to some of my favorite books on audio before – books like Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series, “The Lord of The Rings,” and others. But, in each of these, the professional narrators often times seemed canned, or forced. The Sacred Band has none of that corporate, sterile feeling that one can get from a professional oration, nor are you listening to a voice that you may have heard before.

Chris Morris brings the work to life. I know it sounds cliché, but no truer words can be said. He knows the characters, knows the setting better than anyone. And it shows in his creative genius. You will feel the crushing oppressiveness of the setting, the desperation of the Band, the darkness that threatens to consume these deeply flawed characters. You will feel the heroic call, the gut wrenching sacrifice as you lie there in the dark with the Band, draw steel and go to work. It will all be there, just on the edge of your periphery, as if you watched it all unfold outside your castle’s murder holes.

So Beware.

You will get a whole new, deeper take on this book if you listen to this audio version than you did when you read it. You will take away the author’s meaning, the author’s own desires, the author’s deathly intent in everything that happens within the audio pages. It will be all new for you. All new. All better.

I suggest you take a listen. You may just find a new and desperate life for a great book, all filled with darkness and dread.

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