Book Review – The Gates of Hell – C.J Cherryh and Janet Morris – Fantasy/Historical

THis, teh first Heroes in hell novel, can be found in hardcover or mass market paperback used or from resellers…. It takes a first look at war in Tartaros…

Library of Erana

 The Gates of Hell – C.J Cherryh and Janet Morris

4 stars.

I picked this up in print, intrigued, as I loved Rogues in Hell and I am trying to get through all the Heroes in Hell books.  Gates of Hell is the second of the series – and a novel not an anthology. It is a lot of fun. 

Where else would one find Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Machiavelli and a whole host of characters from ancient times, medieval times and modern times trying to escape together from Hell, armed with tanks, ancient weapons, Uzis and cavalry? The ancient and modern seamlessly woven together as if it was perfectly natural to consider Julius Caesar riding a Jeep.

For me it was a game of spot the ancient hero and the historical figure.  There are many egos among the players and of course, being Hell, not all…

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