Book Review: Outpassage by Janet and Chris Morris

A piercing review… from someone highly qualified.

J.P. Wilder

outpassageI am no science fiction aficionado. But, I have read my share of it, books that are akin to the genre I love, dark and heroic fantasy, in everything but setting—books of heroic deeds and daring-do. I am here to say that Outpassage is a book of wondrous endeavors, of a desperate struggle against physical danger, the impersonal machinations of corporations and the black hopelessness in one’s own heart.

Outpassage puts a face on corporate indifference (in the form of IST corporation) and calls him God (Godfrey). It too identifies the calculating, measuring heart of these same corporate interests and calls her Paige, an executive at IST. IST is a cold, empty corporation, conducting terraforming activities on outworld planets thought devoid of life. God is the designer of a corporate strategy that measures cost benefit in terms of lives and misery. Paige is just as important as God in the implementation…

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