Hell Week – Day 2 – Joe Bonadonna/Johnny Fortune

Wow. Insightful doesn’t half cover it. Learn what it’s like to write for Hell… or to exist there.

Library of Erana

For the second day in Hell I welcome Joe Bonadonna and his character Johnny Fortune

His Satanic Majesty sends Mary Shelley and Mob hitman Johnny Fortune to unionize the Uncubi — all the unpublished poets and authors in Hell and bring them under Jimmy Hoff’s control. But first they must save Galatea, Victor Frankenstein and his famous Monster from a vampire-like Lemuel Gulliver, who is using the Uncubi to help him overthrow Satan.

Welcome to the Hell Interview Channel, brought to you infernally hour after hour.

Name (s) Giovanni Giuseppe Francesco Fortuna. alias Johnny Fortune. a/k/a Bad Luck Johnny

Age (before death and after you ended up in HSM’s domain). If I could recollect good, I was about 30 or so.

Please tell us a little about yourself. What? You some kinda cop? You writing a book? My mouthpiece says I ain’t gotta answer no questions I don’t…

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