Excerpt – Wizardwall- Sacred Band Fantasy

Library of Erana

To celebrate the recent release of the author’s cut of Janet Morris’s Beyond Wizardwall she has kindly provided an excerpt.

Microsoft Word - 09 12 24 Sacred Band Cover white horse white fo

(c) Janet Morris – shared with permission from the author.

Fragile flesh, so hard to mend when so much of it is damaged.

And yet before this ravaged boy, who needs the god’s blessing to send him safe to heaven, Tempus cannot even find the words.

He simply kneels there.  Right now he’d gladly die himself, if only he could, trade soul for soul to the hungry gods, accept heaven or even hell in Niko’s stead.

He calls Enlil.  Gets no answer.  He waits, and calls again.  And listens again.  And hears nothing again…  No sound; no mercy from the storm god of the armies, his new ally.  So be it.

Then Niko groaned, the softest sound, and flinched.

Tempus put his hand on Niko’s sweating forehead and the boy tossed his head.  His mouth worked; he seemed…

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