Sacred Bander Character of the Week: Ischade


Ischade is a fictional character in The Sacred Band of Stepsons universe and the Thieves’ World shared fictional universe. The necromant Ischade, cursed ages before she arrived in Sanctuary, has a touch that kills her lovers before the next sunrise. In Sanctuary, she’s known as a vampire, a raiser of the dead, and a witch. She ensorcels Straton, the Stepsons’ interim commander in Sanctuary, and he becomes her lover. Together they oppose the agents of Black Nisibis and Roxane, the sorceress known as Death’s Queen. Ischade’s power in Sanctuary grows as her minions multiply and her association with the Sacred Band brings her into direct conflict with Roxane and her allies. She confronts and imprisons Roxane, but Niko implores mercy and Tempus decrees that the Roxane must be freed. When the Sacred Band of Stepsons heads north to battle Black Nisibis, Roxane stays on in Sanctuary. When the Band returns, all their old enemies, mortal and preternatural, follow close behind and Ischade is drawn into a final confrontation between Tempus’s forces and the armies of their enemies. In the final battle, Ischade seres the Band by dispatching the mortally wounded, but when Straton, her lover, is critically hurt, Ischade cannot save him. For her service to the Sacred Band of Stepsons, she is commended and rewarded by the Band’s commander.

Notable quotes:

“Men make their own fates — it’s personal, not a matter for debate” -Ischade, from the book, Tempus

“It’s all right. Things as they once were will never be again, but it’s all right.” -Ischade, from The Sacred Band

“Order is its own reward.” -Ischade, from Tempus

“Something is going on everywhere, most of which no one understands.” -Ischade, from The Sacred Band

Learn more about Ischade and the rest of the characters from The Sacred Band series at the Freebase website HERE.


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  1. sacredbander says:

    Larry, this looks wonderful. Thanks. jem


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