A Man and His God now published as a Kindle stand-alone

“A Man and His God” has always been not only canonical, but a pivotal story for us.  The entire Sacred Band of Stepsons series flowed from this story.  And now you can get this short fantasy novel by itself on Kindle.  Meet the Slaughter Priest.  Find out how and why the Sacred Band of Stepsons got their name.  Be there for what is arguably the first male/male kiss in fantasy between two very warlike men.  Available on Amazon for Kindle by itself, or as part of the first Sacred Band Tales anthology, “Tempus with his right-side companion Niko.”



Cover, “A Man and His God,” Janet Morris, Perseid Publishing, 2012

We’ve long wanted to use this cover, and now we have the right setting for it.  Enjoy. — jem


2 comments on “A Man and His God now published as a Kindle stand-alone

  1. Sharon says:

    I read the original version of the story many years ago. It’s easily my favorite story set within the Thieves’ World universe. Abarsis has always been my favorite character, and I love his relationship with Tempus. I hope that someday we’ll see the story of how Abarsis became the Slaughter Priest, as well as the story of how Critias and Straton became a pair fighting with Abarsis.

    Now I feel like reading this story again, especially the updated version. I practically know the old version by heart. I’ll have to finish The Sacred Band, first. I’m so glad I found that book recently!


    • sacredbander says:


      Thanks so much for your comment. A Man and His God is one of my favorite stories as well, along with Wizard Weather. In the reissue, I had a chance to fix a few things that had bothered me lo these many years, primarily typos, but some other things, as well. It’s very satisfying to be able to do these “AUTHOR’S CUT” editions, where I can tweak and fine tune. — janet morris


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