The Author’s Cut: Wake of the Riddler reviewed

Wake of the Riddler, available alone or as part of “the Fish the Fighters and the Song-girl”

The Author’s Cut of Wake of the Riddler, available both in context as part of “the Fish the Fighters and the Song-girl” — second of the two volume set of Sacred Band Tales — and independently as a Kindle original, has received its first review:  a five-star rave from Amazon.

Since this piece first appeared in the 1980s in the Thieves World(R) series, we were confident it would stand alone, but still we’re delighted by this perceptive review.  And for those of you who like their fiction in shorter chunks, you can now get “Wake” at the link below:

But first, a quote from A.E. Drury’s review:

The Wake of the Riddler is a great sampling of these ancient world tales and perhaps serves the new comer to these stories a great entry point into the saga. The style of the narrative is classic literary and it reads as wonderfully rhythmic prose. The writing has a kind of authority perhaps only found in works by those with a good deal of classic literature background. Yet it is easily followed. I especially liked the descriptions of the horses. Very important to create vivid equestrian images in a sword and horse fantasy and Norris is superb in her description of Crit’s gray and Strat’s profoundly disturbing “Ghost Horse.”

Now, since the ghost horse has always been one of our favorite characters, and plays an important part in our novel, “The Sacred Band,” we’re especially glad to see him getting some of the credit he deserves.


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