Accept our gift:  May 15-17, 2012, you can download the KINDLE version of Beyond Sanctuary by Janet Morris FREE.  Few free downloads have a pedigree such as this:  the first novel from the bestselling fantasy series Thieves’ World(R), this authorized novel marks the beginning of the Sacred Band of Stepsons series and the Beyond sub-series.  This Perseid “Author’s Cut” edition is completely revised and expanded, and takes you a far darker and grittier world than Sanctuary(R), part historical, part mythical, where our favorite characters in the Sacred Band series begin a searing new chapter in their adventures…Beyond Sanctuary.

Lovers of Heroic Fantasy can now download this classic: the first authorized novel from the bestselling Thieves’ World(R) series, Beyond Sanctuary had Baen and Science Fiction Book Club hardcovers and Ace mass market paperbacks before being revised and expanded in this “Author’s Cut” edition from Perseid. Darker and grittier than Sanctuary(R), Beyond Sanctuary the canonical, iconic story that reshaped heroic fiction. Here’s your one and only chance to get BEYOND SANCTUARY FREE for Kindle, May 15-17. We’d be delighted if you’d accept one of these, our gift to you. And of course review it if you wish:

Beyond Sanctuary (Sacred Band of Stepsons: Beyond Series)


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