“We make the world better one battle at a time.”

The Sacred Band of Stepsons is a cadre of hand-picked heroes, some paired fighters, some single mercenaries, from a score of times and places.  Their exploits are chronicled in two anthologies of “Sacred Band Tales” and seven novels, as of 2012.

In the year 2010, the Sacred Band returned to print after a twenty-year hiatus with the mythic novel, “The Sacred Band,” and then with the new anthology, “the Fish the Fighters and the Song-girl.”   “The Sacred Band” novel is truly an adventure like no other, beginning in 338 BCE with the rescue of the forty-six members of the Sacred Band of Thebes whose skeletons are missing from their mass grave at the battlefield of Chareonea, Greece.   In “The Sacred Band,” many questions are answered, closure achieved for some, new beginnings for others.  Youngsters, some conceived or met as toddlers in the early books, join the Band, new blood for new challenges.   Join us as all your favorite heroes and their lovers come together for the battle of their dreams.

In the first “Author’s Cut” reissue of the two Sacred Band Tales anthologies, “Tempus with his right-side companion Niko,” you can read about how the Sacred Band was formed in the bestselling shared universe series, “Thieves World”(R), how they got their name, and how the bonds that define them were formed.  This anthology consists of five canonical stories from Thieves’ World and other stories available nowhere else.

In the second anthology (2010), “the Fish the Fighters and the Song-girl,” the other five  Sacred Band of Stepsons stories from Thieves’ World are preserved in enhanced “Author’s Cut” format, expanded and revised, along with stories written especially for this volume, including the title novella, “the Fish the Fighter and the Song-girl.”


We’ve just begun the “Author’s Cut” reissues of the “Beyond” subseries with  the first Thieves’ World novel, “Beyond Sanctuary,” now available as an e-book and a beautiful big trade paperback.  “Beyond the Veil” will follow, and then “Beyond Wizardwall.”  Other books to be reissued in “Author’s Cut” form are “City at the Edge of Time,” then “Tempus Unbound,” and finally “Storm Seed.”


The Author’s Cut series is a dream come true for us.  We can compare every print edition (sometimes as many as five) of the different novels and stories in hardcover and paperback, and restore what has been removed, correct errors from the nineteen-eighties, and enhance and expand the text.


These characters are our favorites, and though the effort is prodigious, the result is rewarding.  Come join us and the Sacred Band of Stepsons as they forge their legend and live it.   New tales are coming, so you’llw ant to have reread the old ones in their new expanded editions.

Ride with us again, or for the first time.  Life to you, and everlasting glory. — Janet Morris and Chris Morris


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