Hello world!

The Sacred Band of Stepsons is a fictional ancient cavalry unit created by Janet Morris in the 20th century.  The Sacred Band of Stepsons is based on the historical Sacred Band of Thebes, an elite strike force of paired lovers and friends that flourished during the fourth century BCE in ancient Greece, where sexuality was a behavior, not an identity. The Sacred Band of Stepsons series of fantasy novels and stories take place in a mythic milieu that mixes historical places, warriors and ancient gods with fantasy and philosophy. The exploits of the Stepsons are chronicled in twenty-eight short stories and eight novels (as of 2012). In a fantasy context, this series explores the Sacred Band Ethos, honor and loyalty, good and evil, ancient warfare, passion and sexuality.


The Sacred Band of Stepsons is led by an immortalized warrior-philosopher, Tempus.  Through this series of stories, readers can ride with the Band as it is formed and grows strong,  In “The Sacred Band,” Tempus and his Stepsons rescue forty-six from the doomed Sacred Band of Thebes, and together the men and women, boys and girls of Tempus’s cadre face battles to test the soul.


This page is for the Sacred Band’s readers, faithful over so many years.  Comments about story or current events or changes in the way we see the world are all welcome.  This is your page, Sacred Banders.  Use it.  Here you can talk to the authors, or Tempus or Niko or any of the Band.  Life to you and everlasting glory….




20 comments on “Hello world!

  1. Mr WordPress says:

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  2. jos reyn says:

    All honor to the Sacred Band!
    Enlil abides.
    Satan hides


  3. Hello, Tempus et. al. Do you know where you all are now?


  4. Bettina says:

    Hello Hellions, hello Scared Band, so this shall be the new home? Wonderful! I like the design, it looks really professional. Good luck on all further planning and working here


  5. Excellent! This is my new favorite blog. Tempus, Niko, and many of the other characters in the Sacred Band are some of my favorites in all of fiction.


  6. museofhellheroes says:

    How wonderful! A blog, a blog, a wondersome blog! Gee, now that you are an expert, maybe we should all get you to set up ours, right everybody?! Go, Janet!


    • sacredbander says:

      Sarah, we’re happy to welcome you here. This site is for you and for all the other Sacred Banders and Stepsons out there, loyal for so many years. Enjoy . janet morris


  7. sacredbander says:

    Sacred Banders and Stepsons: today we’re trying something new: now you can get a tee-shirt or a ball cap or a mug or a tote with a Sacred Band of Stepsons character on it. And guess who won the honor of first character: Niko, with two of teh Band’s horses. Here’s the link: http://www.erikaszabolibrary.com/apps/cafepress_shop/


  8. Zombie Zak says:

    And to the land of kings, there are no boundaries, nothing, not even the ordinary is a wellspring that cannot be filled, nor drained .. now that land has once again been formally retained!

    A Blog, a blog, a legendary grog. Tis nobler in mind, in heart, in deed to spread good words and bare god’s speeds …

    PS: Sacred Band … good read!


  9. leochampion says:

    Welcome back online, Tempus and company!


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